On this project the "cotton blossom". A show boat traveling up and down the mississippi river in or about 1890, has come to natchez. Stevedores are hard at work on the levee. While the gay crowds have also come to welcom the arival of the show folks, ("cotton blossom"). Gaylord Ravenal, a dashing young man who is also an irresponsable gambler, meets magnolia aboard ships. Realiseing how interesting this was during time. She is the daughter of captin Andy. Owner of "cotton blossom". She at least in the ease in the world make believe.☆His story was popular because it made worlds best play of the year☆. It's best to believe that it was for a revival of show boat on broadway, in 1946. That kern wrote that that last song of his rich career. "No one but me". But befor that revial could reacle the stage, kern sufferd a cerebral hemorhage that provided and proved fatal. He died in New York city on November 11, 1945. An rival of showboat, for which kern had come to New York, opend at the ziegfield theatre on january 5, 1946. To begin a run of 418 preformances☆☆☆.

            By Dajuan lacey NewsNetwork "THANKS"☆☆☆☆☆